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Hot & Spicy Cajun Portabella Jerky, 12 Bags/1 Case

Looking for a getaway for your tastebuds? – Our Hot & Spicy Cajun Style Jerky should be your first stop! Treat your taste buds to a tour of the delicious, distinctive and iconic cuisine inspired by Louisiana. With a perfectly melded mosaic of flavors like savory, robust, peppery, zesty, and that world-famous kick of spicy heat, we promise that you’re just a bite away from an unforgettable flavor journey!

  • Plant-Based, Non-GMO, Vegan & Naturally Gluten Free

  • Clean, whole-food ingredients - Nothing artificial, No preservatives

  • Over 1/2 lb Mushrooms in every bag! (Prior to dehydration)

  • Excellent source Fiber, low fat and contains 10g of Protein per bag!

  • Good source of Potassium, Excellent source of the antioxidant Selenium

  • No hydrogenated oils, No MSG

 This 12 pack size option is ideal for Wholesale Customers.  Please view information about our Wholesale Program if this is of interest.  All Wholesale orders need to be placed in 9 case increments, with a 9 case minimum order. 

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